Hey, I'm Andrew 👋

I'm Andrew Robilliard, a software developer working primarily within the Microsoft ecosystem.

These days, my time is filled with Microsoft Dataverse and the Microsoft Power Platform. I frequently write code using C#, JavaScript/TypeScript, and SQL.

Sometimes, I tweet about my thoughts, my side-projects, or anything else that's on my mind. Maybe you should follow me on Twitter?

🚀 Deploying .NET Core to Heroku

August 31, 2020 // blog

I’ve always loved coding in C#. Equally, I love using Heroku to host personal projects - they have a nice UI, and a free tier! However…

💵 Split Wallet

April 03, 2019 // project

Manage your money, easily share expenses with others, take control. Split is a web application that seeks to make financial and…

🧽 Sponging

November 17, 2018 // blog

Well, if you’ve just opened this article thinking you somehow missed 40 blog posts - fear not - you haven’t! As it turns out, the first year…

👔 Week 1 - Wellington and Makahika

January 28, 2018 // blog

Seeing as I’m one week into my first proper job of my career, with my first day at the office coming up in less than two days, I thought it…